SafeSpace App

Safe Space is the market leading software phone/ tablet application for supporting Safeguarding, emotional mental health and wellbeing and all pastoral issues.

Out of the classroom.  This is a 6am – 10pm service 7 days a week

Now is the time more than ever to support our children and young people outside of the classroom. This will ensure staff and designated safeguarding leads feel reassured that your school arrangements for safeguarding including wellbeing and radicalisation doesn’t end as soon as your pupil/student finishes school for the day.

The app has information for staff and pupils/students to access immediately.

As a result of using Safe space staff can focus and feel confident that safe space where appropriate will advise and seek advice/ (using the thrive framework help) for your pupils/students as they need it.

We provide feedback on a need to know basis to your school or colleges DSL or MHL.

This is to support that our Children and young people only need to tell there story once and to start to remove stigma for emotional mental health and wellbeing…. this is everybody’s responsibility


Senior Leaders can build chronologies around students and produce powerful reports on vulnerable pupil groups, including positive destinations, identifying trending themes that the school might be facing with CYP.

Equally staff and leaders can focus on administration than managing and sharing out of hours rotas.

Initially safe start was brought to market in its infancy during Covid 2020, we have since evolved into a 2nd generation encompassing all of safeguarding and implementing ACE Lens by using early trauma lens and by implementing AMBIT strategies with our CYP.

We passionately believe and have seen in action how safe start has revolutionised by being the instant go to support on a personal device to offer just advice/ guidance and of course a specialised personal voice at the other end either through our call back service or chat box.