SafeSpace App

We work with you and your students to develop a strategy and plan that delivers the wrap around functionaility your school or college needs.

Tier 1

Our base plan offers access to the SafeSpace App on students’ phones, with it safeguarding support written into your schools SG MH arrangements and policies.

If also provides information and signposting for CYP – pupils to have access

Tier 2

Our Tier 2 plan provides all Tier 1 functionality with the additional functions of webchat to DSP – specialised in Thrive AMBIT approach to guide CYP pupils on managing risk.

We go further with our advice services as well as assistance on Getting Help and Risk Support – thrive aligned and ACE aware.

Safe Space offers a strong scaffolding approach around a child young persona with a passion to make a difference through a live mentalizing approach.

We know our CYP and population…….understand risk by making SG and MH everyone’s responsibility and knowing each locality, voice of a child is paramount using a strengths-based conversation what’s working well? What’s not working so well? Using behavior’s as communication…. what has happened to you not what is wrong with you.  A reflective approach, empowering our CYP power to our CYP

Initially Safe Space was brought to market in its infancy during covid 2020. We have since evolved into a 2nd generation, encompassing all of safeguarding and implementing ACE lens by using early trauma lens and by implementing AMBIT strategies with our CYP.

We passionately believe and have seen in action how Safe Space has revolutionised support for CYP by being the instant go to support, on a personal device, to offer advice/ guidance and of course a specialised personal voice at the other end either through our call back service or chat box.