SafeSpace App

We continually develop Safe Space to ensure you have all the tools you need to have a complete solution that ensures your safeguarding program is all encompassing and around the clock.

safe space features

Powerful reporting

We all know how much we stress that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility… but what is your students/ pupil at that moment has no support? Where can they turn to?

With a familiar system/ portal a safe space for your CYP to trust you have provided them with this you can meet the needs of all CYP including the most vulnerable.

We can provide reports on how many CYP at your school access specific hot topics (KCSIE) and our professionals will offer the scaffolding around you CYP by reassuring them that the next working day we will feed back to the right personal at the right time to ensure that the right decision has been made and followed.

Seniors Leaders need summary’s for governors, Ofsted but most importantly must address local hot topics and safeguarding issues happening at their school.

Build a chronology

Safe start allows you to quickly, easily and above all else securely record all of the information you have on a child in one place with our secured data base that can safely be shared with you school/ colleges approved safeguarding portal

Fully customisable

Safe space can be tailored to meet your school’s exact needs. You decide what categories of information you would like to monitor and away you go. Want to add a new category? No problem you can even bespoke this application to remind your CYP who your DSL lead is and even if they delete the app your school website will have an easy accessible link available for CYP and carers/ parents to click on for support.

Student transfers

When children transfer to your school or out to their next school, their full child protection history will move automatically through your transition procedures, where safe space have supported your CYP and with your guidance and direction we can offer a transition service of current issues/ situation (once consent has been given).

Alert staff
The specialised safeguarding team will report back to your school on a need to know basis by either contacting DSLs or the safe start team can join your secure safeguarding portals.


Offering a double layer of encryption, with a dedicated off site, off server backup network, we offer one of the most secure platforms on the market today

Now is the time more than ever to support our children and young people outside of the classroom. This will ensure staff and designated safeguarding leads feel reassured that your school arrangements for safeguarding including wellbeing and radicalisation doesn’t end as soon as your pupil/student finishes school for the day.

Online, safe space to access advice, support and counselling for children and young people.
Live, 24-hour, webchat support from trained, experienced counsellors.
Mental health and wellbeing support
Early intervention and prevention
Self-help content
Information about important topics
Signposting to other services

Accessing the right support at the right time, links to NSPCC, CEOPS for parents etc. links to Local authority principals and guidelines, up-to-date with KCSIE and working together to safeguard including training and consultation for professionals, teachers, leads etc
Resilience building