SafeSpace App

We offer a complete wrap around service.  We step in where you leave off, ensuring your safe guarding policies continue when your learners are no longer in your care.

How could safe space benefit your setting?

Our team of safe guarding experts can guide your school / college in establishing a plan to implement a safe guarding strategy if one doesn’t exist, provide an audit on your existing strategy, or work with you to ensure what we provide after hours is the same level of care you provide during school hours.

Our team are 7 day a week, 365 days a year support proffessionals who ensure your students have a support mentor available when you can’t be.

No more students falling through the cracks outside of term time.

Now is the time more than ever to support our children and young people outside of the classroom. This will ensure staff and designated safeguarding leads feel reassured that your school arrangements for safeguarding including wellbeing and radicalisation doesn’t end as soon as your pupil/student finishes school for the day.

Online, safe space to access advice, support and counselling for children and young people.
Live, 24-hour, webchat support from trained, experienced counsellors.
Mental health and wellbeing support
Early intervention and prevention
Self-help content
Information about important topics
Signposting to other services

Accessing the right support at the right time, links to NSPCC, CEOPS for parents etc. links to Local authority principals and guidelines, up-to-date with KCSIE and working together to safeguard including training and consultation for professionals, teachers, leads etc
Resilience building

Safe Space for Schools

How safe are your pupils/students when the go home from school?

Are you aware of ACES? Adverse Childhood Experiences and early trauma? How can we ensure our children are safe within their communities and homes once they leave our care at school?

How safe is your space?

Do you offer advice and sign posting and help for your pupils/students?

Review the THRIVE initiative here –

Safe space is available for all your pupils/students to have access to the app on their chosen device. The app has information for staff and pupils/students to access immediately.

As a result of using Safe Space, staff can focus and feel confident that Safe Space, where appropriate, will advise and seek advice (using the thrive framework help) for your pupils/students as they need it and feedback on a need-to-know basis back to your school/college’s DSL or MHL. This is to ensure that our Children and young people only need to tell their story once and to start to remove stigma for emotional mental health and well-being… this is everybody’s responsibility.

Senior Leaders can build chronologies around students and produce powerful reports on vulnerable pupil groups, including positive destinations, identifying trending themes that the school might be facing with CYP. Equally staff and leaders can focus on administration than managing and sharing out of hours rotas.

Offer the service for your students – advice, signposting, awareness and 24-hour live webchat support

Comprehensive out of hours safeguarding contact

Add to Safeguarding Policy and Mental Health arrangements

Safeguarding concerns referred to school DSL the next working day

Free at the point of service to young people and children

Safe Space for children and young people

A safe and supportive space to get advice, help, information, signposting and online, live webchat.

  • Friendly and professional
  • Judgement free
  • Knowledgeable, trained and experienced
  • Accessed at home, on any device, without the need to ask another adult to help them get support.
  • Security to know that an adult in school/college will know that they need support.
  • Easy to understand information – age appropriate.
  • Hot topics as requested by children and young people – what do they want to know more about?
  • Free at the point of access for children and young people